featured projects


2020 – 2021 (Final Bachelor Project)

diVision is a game that tries to change perspective about housework diVision, stimulating discussion about gender inequality issues. 



2019-2020 (Design for Debate)

Noture is a campaign that tries to raise awareness about the assumption for a women to want kids. 


wedding coaster

2019 (Intercultural Design)

In this project, a personal embroidery meant for mourning needed to be adapted to fit christian-Indian culture. The result is a personal coaster for weddings.

other projects



HUSH is a canvas made to hung up above one’s bed. Using EMDR methods, the canvas aims to stimulate eye movement to reduce stress and to solve sleeping problems.



2018 – 2019

FIDLIE is a garment with a personal touch. With an interactive photo sowed in, FIDLIE aims to raise value and lower fast fashion consumption.

patterns of emergence


This research is about how smart systems could adapt to those unfamiliar users, aiming for a more intuitive interaction. The study focuses on the behaviour of the system and the communication between interconnected devices, exploring some patterns of emergence in these.

extracurricular projects

redesign Zang & Muziek Centrum Vlaardingen


Outside my studies I redesigned the website for music school zang & muziek centrum vlaardingen. The website is now much more accesible and user-friendly.